TV fantasy v aged care reality

14 Feb 2017 3:20 PMDPT DPT
TV fantasy v aged care reality

Don't be fooled by TV nursing shows they are a long way from the real world.

Fantasy v Reality

TV shows set in hospitals are also set in fantasy land. They are so far removed from a real hospital and even further from a typically aged care facility (ACF). Let's look at both and compare.


Fantasy - All TV nurses are young and gorgeous with never a hair out of place. They always look well rested

Reality – The average age of ACF nurses is 45 years, they are all gorgeous in their own way but are often stressed on the job and after 3-5 busy shifts are ready to put feet up. They can stay upright and defy gravity despite having legs that feel like concrete


Fantasy –There are lots of dramas, drama queens and seething tensions between doctors and nurses

Reality – there is no time for dramas in aged care. If you don’t get on with your buddy, deal with it on the spot and get through the shift with good communication. Other emergency situations, like a fall, are dealt with professionally and calmly. They can deal with the messiest bed pan without batting an eyelid


Fantasy – Nursing is action packed with nurses running here and there yelling “we need a gurney here”

Reality – a calm environment is maintained throughout the ACF. A respectful tone is always used with residents as it is their home we are working in. The occasional "help" is not a plea for chocolate it is always for real


Fantasy – after a shift they all go a drink together or have candlelit dinner with the hunky doctor

Reality – nurses go home and cook dinner for the family and/or collapse on the couch- face first


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