Under pressure - the aged care industry

25 Sep 2017 7:16 PMJen Fitzgerald

There is a concerning picture of the aged care industry under pressure. There are many pressure factors the sector faces. Learn more.

Two articles paint a concerning picture of the aged care industry under pressure

The first article is titled “Why the elderly chose to go into Aged care” by Australian Ageing Agenda. It reviews a variety of reasons and also looks at the bigger picture.

The top reason for over 80’s is 'Health reasons. For 65-79-year-olds it is 'require a less expensive place to live' and for 53-64 years it is a larger or better place. These are very diverse reasons for the same aged care facility (ACF) and services that are provided. However, most facilities are a one-stop shop and only provide a standard set of services across all age groups. There is no extra clinical care for over 80’s nor better-styled rooms for the younger age group.

The second article from the website ‘Aged Care report card’ reviews the aged care industry as a whole and talks about government funding as a major fault of the industry. It states that there is no Medicare rebate for doctors to visit ACF's. so giving them little incentive to make visits. This is concerning for 80 plus years residents who have moved into an ACF expecting good quality clinical care. AIN’s are not trained in this care and they are the majority of the workforce. The article also says that ACF’s determine the staffing levels but this is tied to funding.

So no one is a winner in this snapshot of the industry provided by these two articles.

Thankfully the aged care industry did not cop any government budget cuts this year, but with the population ageing, and the need for more complex care rising, increasing funding will become a more urgent very quickly.


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