What course and college to choose? 6 helpful tips

27 Jan 2016 8:02 AMDPT DPT
What course and college to choose? 6 helpful tips

If you are still looking at different courses and colleges here are 6 tips to help you decide.


Look for small class sizes, a good company reputation and industry experienced trainers. 

1.Small class sizes.

This is very important as you will get individual attention from the trainer while learning from your fellow trainees. Small classes mean you get to know your classmates and that will make you feel more comfortable in the classroom.

2.Fast track courses

Does a short, long or online course suit you? DPT offers fastrack and online courses. The advantage of fastrack is the short timeframe. This means you’ll be out on placement in 7-8 weeks and in a job sooner rather than later.  Online courses are excellent when you need to learn at your own pace plus we provide email support.

3. Lots of prac sessions

This is a very important question to ask of your training company. In–class practical sessions are good fun and help you put the theory into practice. Trainers do this with group work, role plays and bringing equipment into the classroom for you get your hands on. This could be gloves or aids that give you  an idea of what its like to be hearing or sight impaired. (see photos with this blog and look in the photo gallery on our Facebook page ). There is also a full day prac session at a mobility aid centre. 

4. Trainer support

Your trainer must support you all the way from day 1, through to placement, to helping you find a job with inside knowledge of job opportunities in the local area. At DPT we keep in touch with past DPT students who kindly supply leads into Aged Care facilities.

See a past DPT student video’s here

5. Employment opportunities

DP Training students have a high rate of employment due to motivating and supportive trainers and there is a high demand for aged care workers across Australia. 80% of DPT students gain their first job at their placement workplace. You will be well prepared and confident to enter the Aged Care workforce.

6. Trainer experience

Ask how many years your trainer has been in the industry? It should be at least 3 and that should be recent experience and ideally they are still working part time.

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