What nursing career do you want to follow?

1 Dec 2014 6:55 PMDPT DPT

There are many different pathways for nursing as an AIN but which one is for you? We look at the Pros and Cons of each.

Aged Care - This is the industry with the most job opportunities because of the sheer number of aged care facilities in Australia. Up to 2012 there were 202300 workers in the aged care industry. 2/3 are in personal care roles. Pros - you work in a structured environment with staff on hand. Hours are set and the work is varied. The residents are (mostly) very grateful for your work. Cons - pressured work especially morning shifts, on your feet all day and lots of showering and toileting. Average age of co- workers is 45 plus. Tip- if you are under 25 years and unsure about going into Aged Care view this Young AIN video here >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUr9JFyXavM&feature=youtu.be

Special Nurse- this is 1 on 1 intensive nursing with hospital patients. They are generally dementia patients post surgery or with a medical condition or you may sit with a mental health patients to keep them comfortable while they are having medical treatment. Pros - only 1 - 2 patients for a full shift, you learn a lot about one condition and you get to know a patient very well. Cons - can be intense, you are with one patient all shift and it can be demanding.

Personal Care Worker - Hospital. You'll be required to assist RN's or EEN's with personal care of patients, answering buzzers , feeding, keeping stocks up in the ready trolleys. Pros - steady paced shift, you are amoungst professional staff, not a heavy workload. Cons - can be repetitive, must be able to use initiative to find jobs to do, lots of walking between wards.

Community AIN – Visiting the elderly in their homes to assist with personal care can be rewarding as it more relaxing then the above positions. You may have 5 people to visit in 6 hours and generally will travel within one area. Pros - you work on your own, work at a more relaxing pace, clients are generally low care and happier being in their own home and you get to know your clients on a more personal level. Cons – you are on your own but only a phone call away from your base, lots of driving, may not get paid for time in between clients.

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Next week a look at Disability Worker and transition from AIN to RN/EEN employment.