Which training company is best for you?

18 Dec 2014 5:34 PMDPT DPT

There are so many choices of companies to train for your AIN certificate that it is important to know what makes a good training company.

Main areas to look for are – small class sizes ~ the right pace and length ~ Study support ~ lots of practical sessions ~ Extra services like social media/blogs which keep you up to date.

Small class sizes – Do you want to sit in a class of 10 or 30? BIG difference. A small class means lots fewer distractions, chatter, more concentration and more personal attention from the trainer.

The right pace and length of course. Lengths of courses vary from the fast track courses (FTC) of 4 weeks to a slower paced course (SPC) of 8-15 weeks.The FTC are 4-5 days a week, most assessments are done in class and class sizes can be large. There is little time for prac sessions, discussion or taking in the course material. SPC courses may take longer but you will retain more material, enjoy more practical sessions and the trainer has time to support you more.

Practical sessions In a SPC there is practical sessions at every class. This can in-class role plays and discussions, training at a manual handling venue or excursion to a Aged Care Facility or hospital. See photos of DPT students in practical sessions here>>

Study support In the SPC the trainer can give you the attention you require plus there are special classes on study support and tips, placement preparation, resume and employment preparation.

Social media Most training companies don’t have any social media so are not making any extra effort to support your study. It is important to keep up to date with your industry so blogs, Facebook, videos and Google+ are essential.

Guaranteed employment??? Some training companies guarantee employment within 6 months. No training company can guarantee you a job casual or part time. At DPT we have an 80% employment success rate but our students have done all the hard work to get there.

Lastly… a word from the employers... Some employers won’t take the FT students as employees or for placement as they have little practical experience. They want confident students who take initiative and can problem solve. This is more likely if you’ve done a longer course with time management exercises, lots of discussions and in class role plays and practical sessions. So here comes the soft sell (lol) – DPT have small class sizes, experienced trainers, (check their profiles here>>), social media and lots of support to help you succeed.

Download a brochure here>> http://www.dptraining.com.au/dp-courses

Have a wonderful Christmas and hope to see you in the New Year.