Could Taking a Certificate 3 Be so Confronting or Sad?

24 Feb 2015 11:56 PMDPT DPT

The subject of death, loss and grief concerning dementia are confronting for many. We talk about professional detachment as a way to cope. Learn more.

Who would think that doing a Certificate 3 could be so confronting or so sad?

This week we learnt about Dementia and last week it was grief and loss. Heavy subjects definitely but they cannot be avoided as they are a big part of being an Assistant Nurse.

Knowing these Dementia stats is very important to an AIN. There are more than 1,800 new cases of dementia in Australia every week which is approximately one person every 6 minutes. This is expected to grow to 7,400 new cases each week by 2050. More than 50% of residents in Australian Government-subsidised aged care facilities have dementia. (Source: Alzheimer’s Australia

Many students find studying dementia confronting and sad at first. The videos we watch do not sugar coat the subject. We see families in distress, people living with dementia being open and honest about their feelings of loss and hopelessness.

For students who have family members living with dementia it is very familiar and can bring up many feelings from the past. For others the subject can seem scary.

The subject of death, loss and grief is also confronting for many. Our Australian culture deals with death in a very private way but in the workplace it is very different. You will have to care for people who are close to death on a regular basis - every week or month and for an extended time.

This can bring up feelings that are hard to deal with while on the job. We talk about professional detachment as a way to cope. There are other ways to de-stress after a heavy shift. This can be exercise, going to the movies, aromatherapy or music.

Sharing these feelings in class is very important and is a great skill when you are on the job as communication is vital to cope with the many stresses that nursing brings.

More dementia education is available here through Dementia Education Online via University of Wollongong and it’s free!

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