Why these 5 AIN motivation tips are more refreshing than new socks

27 Mar 2015 5:06 PMDPT DPT

The end of a project is a dangerous time but here are 5 tips to get you over the mountain and down the other side with grace and ease.

You are almost at the end of your course, your placement or an important project that seems to be going on FOREVAH!!!!

This is a time when motivation can drop to ground zero and every day is a slog. But here are 5 tips to get you over the mountain and down the other side with grace and ease.

1. Remember back to why you started the project or course. What were your original thoughts? Remember how excited you were to be starting? Sit with that feeling and conjure it up again in your mind and see how it feels in your body. Tingling? Feel Lighter? Eyes brighter? Hold onto those feelings and remember them for the next time you slump- to help you rise up high again.

2. Make a list of achievements or milestones during the time of your project. How did you pick yourself up before? What did you overcome? What obstacles did you conquer?

3. Enlist help from friends or family to boost your confidence. Ask them what they think of your impending achievement.

4. Picture yourself finishing. Take 10 -15 minutes of quiet time to make a video in your mind starring you. Make the movie uplifting and have a successful ending. Top athletes use this technique to see themselves winning races or on the podium. Feel it.

5. Plan a reward for yourself when you finish. A trip, a night out, a special treat just for you.

Rejoice! you are almost there- get excited. This excitement will keep you motivated through the final stages. Eat well, sleep well, exercise and stay happy so you can finish your project in tip top shape.

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