Five Survival Tips to Toughen You Up from Bullies

8 Feb 2015 8:11 AMDPT DPT

Bullying in the workplace is still very prevalent but here are 5 tips to help and how to come out of the experience stronger and wiser.

So you are new to the nursing workplace?

first time working in nursing?

Here are 5 tips to help you survive your meetings with the workplace bully.

1. Recognise that you are being bullied. It can be obvious - like a put down in front of others or 'on the quiet' - an eye roll, snigger, or gossip behind your back. Recognise it is their behaviour not yours.

2. Front up to the bully straight up. Tell them in private you won't accept being talked to like that. They will deny it but you have stood up to them. The power they think they have over you has been extinguished. Good for you!

3. Have a strong presence. Walk in the door like you own the placee it till you make it. Confidence can be felt by all and bullys are less likely to eat you if you come across as confident. Fake it till you make it.

4. If you can't talk to the bully then don't respond- don't get sucked into the bullys orbit. it will drag you down. Ignore them until you can talk to your supervisor.

5. Stay strong - you can get through your first meeting with bully and you will meet many in your career but dealing with bullys is a great skill to develop and you will become stronger the more you practice it.

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