You’re half way there before you even start

26 Jul 2016 4:01 PMDPT DPT
You’re half way there before you even start

Know the common reasons why people enter Aged Care. New students may already have the skills and experience in hospitality. Learn more.


There are many skills, industries and reasons why people enter Aged Care.

The most common ones are:

Existing care skills  - the student has nursed an elderly relative, sometimes to passing, and would now like to continue into a career.

Disability in the family – Some students have grown up with siblings, parents or relatives who have a disability either physical, a mental illness or intellectual.

Worked in Aged Care already as a cleaner or in the Kitchen.

These students want to get out on the floor and get more hands on.

A past employment in retail or hospitality

One student told me she decided to do the Cert 3 course as she was a shop assistant in an older aged locality. She always enjoyed looking after the older clientele and having a chat with them.

One final great reason to become an Aged Care worker is being a parent.

Many students don’t realise how much they know already about caring. They have had kids for many, many years and it is a way of life. These students are asked what parenting skills they already possess and are usually surprised how transferable these skills are to Aged Care. There are many adjustments for families though, due to study and shift work. See this past blog here>>

Lots of work

Another great reason to take a Cert 3 is the amount of work available.

Within 10 years 76,000 new residential aged care places will be required by to meet demand.* This translates into many 1000’s of new jobs.

*according to Australian Financial Review


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