Complaints & Appeals

 DP Training takes all forms of complaints seriously. When a student complains, DP Training takes a pro-active approach to the issue, and sees a complaint as an opportunity to improve services. We openly encourage positive and negative feedback via emailing

 Complaints Policy:

 We have a complaints policy and procedure to manage and respond to complaints and allegations involving the conduct of:

  •  the RTO, our trainers, assessors and other staff
  • any third party services we may contract on our RTO’s behalf
  • you, our students.

 Complaints received will be given due consideration, with full attention to details.  The objective will be to find an immediate solution, and an amicable settlement for all parties concerned

 Any resolution to any dispute between aggrieved parties will be addressed in an open and trusting environment

We shall ensure that the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness are upheld which means that we shall listen to you and allow you to fairly put your point of view to us.

We shall allow our students to have access to our staff and be able to express any concerns so we can stop all minor issues from becoming more serious.

We shall ensure that the decision maker is as far as practicable, independant from the decision being reviewed.

All matters will be resolved with reference to the Win-Win principles of dispute resolution

If any student is unsatisfied with the outcome of and complaints or refunds outcomes, you may of course exercise your right to take your complaint or grievance further to the Australian Skills Quality Authority.

All complaints shall be acknowledged to the complainant in writing within 21 days of receipt, however where a resolution may take longer to facilitate and resolve, we will keep our students advised in writing of the progress and any reasons for such a delay.


 DP Training has developed the student complaints and appeals procedures to:

  •  Ensure that your disputes are taken seriously, handled professionally and confidentially in order to achieve a speedy resolution
  •  Ensure that you have a clear understanding of the steps involved in the organisation’s grievance policy; and,
  • Provide you with contact details of public, independent authorities who may assist in the event of a dispute or grievance

 In addition:

 All staff are advised of the policy and procedures upon induction into the company.

 Immediately a student complaint is lodged they are advised by the below process of their right to have the dispute/grievance dealt with through the organisation’s internal dispute resolution process.

When a complaint is received – verbal, phone, email or otherwise – it shall be immediately referred to the RTO Training Manager by the recipient.

The RTO Training Manager shall immediately contact the trainer/employee concerned and discuss the matter, obtain all the facts and evidence; and shall attempt to mediate a resolution. In many cases complaints involve fees, or refund requests, and the resolution shall be achieved by the Business Manager in most of these instances.

If a resolution is achieved this shall be advised to the client in writing : email; and also recorded in the Complaints Log

If no resolution is made, then a formal meeting or phone discussion will be requested by you (the student) or by DP Training, at which time the matter in dispute can be raised and we hope a resolution sought. This meeting will be arranged and held with RTO General Manager, and can be on the phone, rather than in person.

You have the right to bring an advocate (someone to assist or speak for you) with you to all meetings/discussions during the complaints process.

We will keep notes of the discussion or meeting, and you will be provided with a copy.

 Appeals Process – Assessment Results

 An appeals and reassessment process is an integral part of all training and assessment pathways leading to a nationally recognised qualification or Statement of Attainment under the Australian Qualification Framework. This means that you have the right to appeal an assessment outcome if you feel that you have a grievance.

 A fair and impartial appeals process is available to all DP Training students, however if you wish to appeal your assessment result, please discuss the issue with your trainer/assessor first.

 If the trainer is unable to satisfy your complaint within 30 days, and you wish to proceed further with the appeal after discussions with the trainer/assessor,  a formal request must be made in writing, to the RTO Training Manager outlining the reason(s) for the appeal. You can do this by email or a letter , but your appeal must be lodged within 30 days after the you were issued with the original results of your assessment.

If the RTO Management  is unable to resolve the complaint then you have the option to refer the matter to an independent arbitrator that is acceptable to both parties, however this will be at your own cost.

All actions during the complaints resolution process will be documented and recorded, and you will receive copies of all relevant documents.

 We will make every effort to settle the Appeal to both yours and our satisfaction.