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Language Literacy & Numeracy Assessment

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1. Does John live at home or in a care facility?:
2. How old is John?:
3. What could happen if John doesn’t wear his hearing aid?:
4. Does John need assistance with medication?:
5. Why does John take medication?:
6. How often does John take fish oil capsules?:
7. What is one important consideration we need to be aware of when providing support to John?
8. Who are Johns support network?
9. What role does the support worker have in Johns Care?
10. Does John have any mobility issues? If so list and explain what support is required?
11. List and describe 2 ways to reduce your risk of back injury during manual handling procedures.
12. List 3 potential hazards you may experience when attending a client in their own home. Describe what action you would take to reduce the risk.

Hazard 1:

Why is it a hazard:

What you can do:

Hazard 2:

Why is it a hazard:

What you can do:

Hazard 3:

Why is it a hazard:

What you can do:
13. It takes 2 ½ hours to type a 7 page report. It takes 1¼ hours to photocopy 11 copies of the report. How long did it take to complete and photocopy the report?:
14. What is 150 take away 62?:
15. If it is 07:00am now, what time will it be in 4 and a half hours?:
16. Your pay rate is $12 per hour. This week you worked the following hours:

Monday 1pm -4pm
Tuesday 9am -2pm
Wednesday Nil
Thursday 10am -5pm
Friday Nil

How much will you receive in pay for the week?:

17. Tick which option would cost less:
18. A client requires you to attend shopping and provides an amount of $150.00. You need to split the amount between 6 shops. How much do you have to spend in each store:
19. If 1kg of Beef costs $22.00, how much would 500gms cost?:
20. You start work at 10am and your manager tells you on your arrival that your ½ hour lunch break will be in 3 ½ hours. What time will your lunch break start?:

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