Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinator.


A Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinator is a valued role in any business. The Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinators Course provides the knowledge and skills required to function as a Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinator.

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Workplaces must have a current rehabilitation and return to work coordinator (employed in Queensland) if:

1) You have wages in Queensland of $7.049million for the preceding financial year or

2) are in a high risk industry with wages in Queensland for the preceding financial year of $2.146 million.


Whilst there are no mandatory requirements for entry to this course, it has been found that an effective Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinator requires:

  • Sound Interpersonal skills
  • Good written and communication skills
  • Sound numeracy skills
  • Ability to enlist the support of both management and workers
  • Good organisational ability


To provide participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to:
  • Assist the employer to discharge legislative obligations as outlined in the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003, and Workers Comensation Regulation 2003 including any amendments and apply a working knowledge of this legislation;
  • Coordinate the return to the workplace of an injured worker recognising current workplace rehabilitation best practice guidelines;
  • Coordinate the development of a policy, procedures and appendices, to manage workplace rehabilitation within their own workplace;
  • Raise the awareness of other members of the workforce (supervisors, managers, workers) regarding workplace rehabilitation;
  • Identify the practical steps and administrative (paper work) procedures required following the injury of a worker and throughout their rehabilitation;
  • Identify the role of key persons involved in the rehabilitation process;
  • Communicate with injured workers, management, treating medical practitioners, worker’s compensation insurers’ staff and other key persons involved in the workplace rehabilitation process;
  • Establish a plan (or work with an external provider to establish a plan) which meets the needs of an injured worker.
  • Outcomes
Upon completion, participants will be able to competently:
  • Describe considerations for workplace rehabilitation in relation to a specific organisation;
  • Locate information relevant to rehabilitation in the Queensland legislation;
  • Coordinate rehabilitation with relevant stakeholders, particularly in relation to the recognition of paperwork, which may be used to facilitate the rehabilitation process;
  • Identify the basic elements for keeping accurate and objective case notes containing details of communications between the worker, the rehabilitation and return to work coordinator and other relevant parties in order to monitor the effectiveness of rehabilitation;
  • Create a basic two week suitable duties program;
  • Identify methods of communicating workplace rehabilitation information to the workplace and to deliver basic information relating to this;
  • Recognise the required criteria for accreditation of workplace rehabilitation policy and procedures.


Unit of Competency

ACCredited Units include;
  • BSBHRM509A Manage rehabilitation or return-to-work programs


Participants who demonstrate competency during the course will receive a Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment for the accredited unit of competency completed from DP Training & Consultancy.


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