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JobTrainer – Subsidised by Queensland Government

    Government Subsidy Eligibility Verification Documentation Requirements

    To be eligible to receive the Queensland Government Subsidies Funding under JobTrainer, all prospective students are required to provide evidence of their eligibility and understanding of the Queensland Government Funded Program to meet the programs criteria. In order to confirm eligibility, the following documentation and signed declaration must be attached to the enrolment form. (Please note all documentation must align with the information provided on your Enrolment Form)

    Date of Birth

    • Drivers Licence or

    • Passport or

    • Birth Certificate or Extract

    Queensland Residency

    • QLD Drivers Licence or

    • Health Care or Pension Card showing current address details or

    • Correspondence showing current QLD address

    Australian or New Zealand Citizenship

    • Medicare Card (Green Only) or

    • Australian or New Zealand Passport

    • Australia Citizenship Certificate

    Australian Permanent Residency

    Only required for non-Australian or New Zealand Citizens

    • Visa or formal documentation from the Department of Immigration showing approval for permanent visa subclass or

    • Certificate of Evidence of Residence Status (CERS)

    Please be advised that you will no longer be eligible for government-subsidised training under the JobTrainer program once you complete your qualification. If found to be ineligible for Queensland government funding and this had not been disclosed at the time of enrolment, the applicant/student is liable for all costs associated for the full fee of the course or RPL.

    JobTrainer Declaration

    Declaration : I hereby understand and am fully aware and acknowledge and declare that:

    • I have not previously completed a qualification funded under the JobTrainer Fund; and acknowledge that I will no longer be eligible for a government-subsidised training place under the JobTrainer program once I complete a vocational qualification through the JobTrainer Program.

    • I understand that if found to be ineligible for Queensland government funding at time of enrolment, which has not been disclosed, that I will be liable for all costs associated for the full fee of the course or RPL.

    • I have been referred to the DESBT JobTrainer fact sheet, and have been provided with information about the breakdown of all costs associated, at the unit of competency (UoC) level, as detailed on D P Training's website and understand that D P Training will receive relevant payment for each UoC once accurately reported to DESBT.

    • I will be provided with, by D P Training and will be expected to complete a student employment survey within three months of completing or discontinuing the qualification that I have enrolled in with D P Training.

    • I have been provided with the Student Handbook which is available here and I am aware of D P Training’s policies and procedures, including refund policies; complaints and appeals policies and the support services available to assist me in completing my training. I am aware of my obligations as a learner and D P Training’s obligations as an RTO.

    Please tick this checkbox to acknowledge and accept the declaration above.

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