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How to Manage Risk in Small Business

Do you operate or manage a small business and need to know more about risk management? Then this short course is for you!

Course Content

As well as learning about the above business plan essentials, DP Training & Consultancy and supporting your professional growth and development through the 5 Cs.

Upcoming Workshop Dates

  1. COURAGE: The courage to apply what you learn to your own business plan
  2. CARING: To consider how your business impacts others and how you will care for them
  3. CONFIDENCE: Moving through this short course will improve your confidence around business planning and maybe even take the next step toward your dreams
  4. COMPETENCE: Through practice and application, you will gain business planning competence, including research & resourcefulness
  5. COMMITMENT: By doing this course, you are making a commitment to yourself to learn and take another step toward your business or project goal.

Course Delivery

  1. Self-paced (up to 3 months)
  2. Trainers are available Monday – Friday between 8:30 am – 4:30 pm through email and/or telephone.
  3. Certificate of Participation

Enrolment Requirements

  1. The following documents will be required to be submitted with your enrolment:

    • Photographic identification (ID)

Course Fee

  1. The fee for the course is $55.

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Are you looking to book a small group or need professional development workshops for staff? DP Training can book workshops to be delivered for group bookings onsite at our campus to ensure we can focus on your workplace requirements or alternatively we can provide the workshop on your premises. Our trainer will come to you. We can tailor the workshops to meet your needs to cater to specific client/consumer needs or general techniques. If you require a specific workshop for staff PD, however, can’t see it listed on our website, please send an enquiry as one of our specialised trainers can create a workshop to support your staff training requirements. You can set the start time to ensure rostering and service coverage can be maintained. Enquire today to see how we can support you to support staff and upskill with PDworkshops