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Very positive experience with the team at DP Training !! All staff are prompt with replies and provide assistance and guidance throughout the whole course. Information provided within the units is detailed yet succinct and informative. You are provided with a range of resources to expand your knowledge during your course.


Having Karen, help me through the theory of Certificate 3 in Aged Care Social Support (Aged,Home,Community), was a excellent tutor. Her understanding of the requirements to be a carer helps you understand what is required. I’d hadn’t been in a class room environment for sometime but she made it easier to adjust. Thanks girls for getting me a placement at Aspley Aged Care.

Nat Potae

From Arrival to Adaptation: The International Student’s Guide to Brisbane and Gold Coast

31 October

Welcome to the ultimate guide tailored just for you, the international student embarking on an academic odyssey to Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The purpose of this guide is to be your trusted compass, helping you navigate every twist and turn of your adventure, from visa applications to cultural immersion.

Picture this as a journey to two vibrant cities: Brisbane, a bustling metropolis with a riverside charm, and the Gold Coast, a sun-kissed paradise known for its beaches and natural beauty. You are the global explorer set on unlocking these Australian gems’ secrets. This guide is your gateway to an enriching experience filled with educational opportunities, cultural wonders, and lifelong memories.
Let’s Explore.

Pre-Arrival Preparation

Think of these tips as the prologue to an international student life in Australia: 

  • Visa and legal requirements are your passport to adventure, ensuring you have a smooth passage into the world of Brisbane and Gold Coast. 
  • Accommodation options are your first chapter, where you choose the setting for your story, be it a vibrant campus dorm or an independent off-campus haven. 
  • Financial planning and budgeting are the plotlines that keep your tale in check, allowing you to relish every moment without financial worries. 
  • And packing essentials are the props you’ll carry, the items that become part of your journey, so pack wisely as you embark on this thrilling chapter of your life.

Arrival in Brisbane or Gold Coast

Upon your arrival in Brisbane or Gold Coast, the first chapter of your international student life journey unfolds, filled with excitement. Airport procedures and transportation to your accommodation are the initial stages, guiding you through the arrival process and ensuring you reach your new home seamlessly, setting the stage for a smooth transition. 

Orientation programs and support services are the welcoming committee, offering insights into campus life, cultural immersion, and a support network, ensuring you start your journey on the right foot. 

Setting up a local bank account and SIM card is like equipping yourself with the tools of a local, enabling you to connect, communicate, and manage your finances so you can confidently embark on this new chapter. Your story

in Brisbane and Gold Coast begins here, with these essential first steps paving the way for an enriching and fulfilling study abroad experience.

Navigating the local culture 

  • Delve into the vibrant tapestry of cultural norms and etiquette, deciphering the unwritten rules that will guide your interactions and experiences. 
  • Language and communication tips are your linguistic compass, helping you decode the local dialect, understand the nuances of conversation, and connect with the people you’ll meet. 
  • The local cuisine and dining etiquette unveil a culinary adventure, inviting you to savor exotic flavors and embrace dining customs that are integral to the culture. 
  • As you delve into these aspects, you’re not just a visitor; you’re becoming a part of the captivating story of these cities.

Education System Overview

Entering the academic landscape of Brisbane and the Gold Coast, you’ll encounter the Australian education system, celebrated for its high standards and global recognition. This system blends tradition and innovation, offering diverse courses and educational opportunities. Understanding your course structure and timetable will be pivotal in ensuring you stay on track with your studies. 

Equally important are academic expectations and resources. To excel in this environment, you’ll want to

familiarize yourself with the academic standards and make full use of the abundant resources, from libraries to support networks, available to help you succeed in your academic journey.

Transportation and Accommodations

Accommodations are a must that will ease your life to some extent. Public transportation options introduce you to various choices, from buses and trains to trams, offering convenient and eco-friendly ways to explore the cities. By using these modes of transport, you can witness a number of benefits like efficient commuting, ensuring your journey with ease, and making the most of your transport card, which will help you save a lot of bucks. Moreover, biking and walking options invite you to savor the local culture and natural beauty up close, letting you become a part of the city’s rhythm while maintaining an active lifestyle.

Now, let’s talk about accommodations.

  • On-campus vs. off-campus housing offers two distinct settings: the bustling campus life with its convenience and vibrant community and off-campus living for those who prefer more independence. 
  • Safety and security guidelines act as your guardians, ensuring your peace of mind by offering insights into securing your dwelling and staying aware of local safety measures.
  • Dealing with common housing issues introduces you to the common challenges of shared living spaces. It equips you with problem-solving strategies, ensuring your accommodation remains a harmonious and comfortable backdrop to your international adventure.

Health and Well-Being

Your physical and mental well-being is the cornerstone of your journey in Brisbane and Gold Coast. It’s because you are in a new country and even their weather conditions will differ from yours. Health insurance and medical care provide you with a safety net, ensuring you’re covered for unexpected health issues and helping you access the medical care you might need. 

Moreover, Mental health resources and support are your allies in facing the emotional challenges of studying abroad, getting counselling and guidance to help yourself navigate the highs and lows of your international experience. Lastly, staying active and eating well is your daily fuel, keeping you energized and focused as you tackle academics, explore the vibrant cities, and embrace the culture of Australia. 

Part-Time Work and Internships

Navigating the realm of part-time work and internships in Australia requires a solid understanding of work restrictions for international students. These rules define the opportunities available to you, from casual employment to internships. To secure part-time employment, it’s vital to explore the local job market, as it’s your gateway to earning income and gaining valuable work experience. Additionally, tapping into internship and career resources will help you plot your career path, whether seeking opportunities in Australia or carrying your international experience back to your home country. This trio of knowledge, job exploration, and career planning will be your compass to a successful academic journey.

Exploring Brisbane and the Gold Coast 

Exploring Brisbane and the Gold Coast offers a captivating array of experiences. A. Must-visit attractions and landmarks take you to iconic spots like the stunning Gold Coast beaches, vibrant South Bank Parklands, and the cultural precincts of Brisbane. For weekend getaways and day trips, you can venture to the lush hinterland, the tranquil Moreton Island, or the unique wildlife encounters of the Australia Zoo. Enjoy abundant outdoor and recreational activities, from surfing at Surfers Paradise to hiking in Lamington National Park. This region is a treasure trove of adventure, natural beauty, and cultural richness, promising a dynamic backdrop to your international education experience.


As you embark on this journey, remember that every challenge is an opportunity, every new face a potential friend, and every experience a chance to learn and grow. Embrace the moments of uncertainty, celebrate your achievements, and stay motivated, open-minded, and resilient. 

There are numerous courses in Australia for International Students. These courses will help you stay updated with your surroundings. Moreover, you can upskill yourself anytime you want. For all this, DP training’s online and offline courses will greatly help you get along with the job you wish to work for.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I apply for a student visa to study in Brisbane or the Gold Coast?

The visa application process can vary by country. It’s advisable to visit the official website of the Australian Department of Home Affairs for detailed information and requirements.

2. What are the accommodation options for international students in Brisbane and Gold Coast?

Accommodation options include on-campus housing, off-campus rentals, homestays, and private student accommodations. The choice depends on your preferences and budget.

3. Is working part-time while studying in Brisbane or the Gold Coast as an international student possible?

Yes, international students on a valid student visa can work part-time in Australia, subject to certain restrictions. Check your visa conditions for details.

4. What cultural differences should I be aware of when arriving in Brisbane or the Gold Coast?

Familiarizing yourself with Australian cultural norms and etiquette, such as greetings, tipping practices, and social customs, is essential. The guide provides insights into these aspects.

5. How do I find part-time job opportunities or internships in Brisbane and the Gold Coast?

For job opportunities, you can explore job boards, university career services, and local businesses. The guide offers information on work restrictions and job search resources.